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The day when I got 30 Kbps

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Hi guys i am from India , Mumbai. I am using internet for about 4 years now,I am on 64 KBps plan for which i get 8 Kbps download speed from internet.Sad isnt it?. I was waiting for a miracle to happen with my internet and get an unusual download speed and that day came when i got much more download speed from net, I got around 30 -32 Kbps while downloading a movie from torrent isnt it great ? But this speed lasted only for 15-20 minutes but in this time it was a great experience of having high speed but its no more now :( . My speeds are back to normal 8 Kbps.

This is the pic showing the speeds which i got on that day 29.9 Kbps great!!!!

Note :1 KBps = 1 kBps = 1 kilobyte per second = 8,000 bits per second
1 Kbps = 1 kbps = 1 kilobit per second = 1,000 bits per second


I get 30 Kbps, Get broadband have a life. :)

Tried any software to increase speed ?

When i was on dialup, i tried almost 20 softwares to increase speed, but only lil bit improvement.

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