10 November 2006

First Look: Google Checkout

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Google's new online payment service launched today. Google Checkout offers secure transaction processing for people making purchases from stores on the web. Overall, it looks like a promising alternative for sellers who don't want to make the jump into expensive merchant accounts, and it offers some attractive features for buyers as well.

The early buzz on Google Checkout is that it's going to be a PayPal killer. While that isn't necessarily true, the Google Checkout service does offer a few advantages over PayPal for sellers — especially sellers enrolled in Google's AdWords search advertising program. If we were to name a target that Google is zeroing in on, the more accurate guess would be Amazon. Google Checkout rivals Amazon's 1-click shopping cart checkout system, and it offers a centralized place where users can track multiple purchases from multiple vendors. Amazon has a much wider array of goods for sale, but given Google's strong brand name and their reputation as a web innovator, they could build up the Google Checkout seller community rather quickly.

Right now, Google Checkout is U.S.-only. Buyers and sellers must have mailing addresses and billing addresses within the United States, and sellers must be based in the U.S. This is a shame, and hopefully Google will bring the service to international users soon.

When you search for products in Google and Froogle, a small shopping cart logo appears in the some of the sponsored AdWord links on the side of the page. These are stores that use Google Checkout. Big name stores like Levis, Starbucks and BlueFly are already using Google Checkout, but there are also some smaller merchants like Skates on Haight. Here's a full list.

I really Liked this program but it is out only for People of US

05 November 2006

Mozilla Firefox Turns Minefield (v 3.0a1)

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Future Firefox development will include version 3.0. Development on version 3.0, which will be based on Gecko 1.9, occurs simultaneously on the Mozilla trunk. Versions of Firefox 1.5 and on will have a staggered auto-update, which is the reason why users of Fx 1.5 were not automatically updated to Fx 2.0. When support for Fx 1.5 ends, users will be automatically updated to the newest version. This staggered release schedule eases the load on servers and mirrors as well as allowing development to slowly saturate users. This in turn also allows for an easier way to find and fix bugs. This is the technical Explanation I have got about Mozilla Firefox 3.0 (codename Minefield) as I am a Beta Tester.
Anyways Take my words Minefield rocks it is far more superior to Firefox 2.0 or any earlier version.According to me Minefield will bring a change in the browsing world.The icon of Firefox is totally changed I have taken a pic so that i can show it to you'll. As it is Minefield is in its Beta version and out only for Beta Testers till now I cant put it for you all to download.As soon as it will be officially release I'll let you'll know.
Here are few Pics I have taken to show you'll how it looks:
It is the Icon Of Minefield looks interesting isnt it?

Here is the Outlook of Minefield enjoy !

LinuX Rocks!!

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Hey guy I just ordered a few Linux cds (Kubuntu and Ubuntu) for free from a site Kubuntu and Ubuntu. You can order them too takes 3-4 week to get them at your home no charges of postage and handling its absolutely free.Shocked ? yeah I was shocked too when got the cds in my hands for free and I tried both Kubuntu and Ubuntu both are cool you must try its better then Windows xp, I must say that. I just took time to take pics of these cds so here is my Collection of Linux Cds ,Check them out :

So Hows that it collection of 20 cds of Linux Kubuntu and Linux Ubuntu for free :-S
Take my words it worth a try Both OS rocks !!!

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