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Cable, Dial-Up Or Wireless: How To Choose?

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The first thing you must do is "get connected" to the internet. The two primary connection types we will deal with are Dial-up and Wireless. With dial-up the biggest advantage of an internet connection is its low cost. However, increased competition in the high-speed internet market has driven broadband prices down making high-speed pricing more comparable.

The disadvantage is that dial-up is the slowest internet connection available. Slow connections are limited in that you may not be able to access some content intended for faster connections.

Unlike broadband which is always connected and ready, dial-up connections usually take a few minutes to dial-up and establish a connection with your internet service provider before you are able to connect to the internet.

Dial-up requires that you tie up a phone line when connected to the internet. You can add an additional phone lone dedicated to internet access, but you'll most likely have to pay your phone provider for the second line.

With fixed wireless the advantage is that your wireless internet connections are capable of extremely high speed.

The disadvantage is that set-up costs may be expensive depending on the hardware required by your wireless Internet service provider.

Once you have your high speed Internet connection up and running, you'll probably want to add a wireless router. A wireless router will allow you to access your internet connection without the wires. A wireless router will open up a whole new world of amazing products.

You may want to protect your wireless network from unauthorized users through one of the wireless network security encryption methods. You need to be aware of the ability of other computers to access your cyber communication that is private and personal.

The choice you make depends on what is important to you. Be sure that you are not only protected but you get the capability of the service you want from your own personal needs.

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Very good resource for comparing cable, dial-up or wireless. One thing to remember is to try to take advantage of any current new sign-up specials the company you choose may have.

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