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The Good Girls--Just How Good Are They?

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There are three kinds of good girls : those who are naturally good, those who want to be good, and those who pretend to be good. For purposes of this discussion however, it doesn’t matter which category they fall in, because in your mind, you believe that they are good girls, which makes the sex more fun to contemplate and anticipate.

But here’s the catch—if they are really and truly good girls, you’re really going to have to work hard to earn the right to deflower them and make them another one of your conquests. It is possible, but you just have to know how to handle them. Here’s a step by step process that if followed will earn you another trophy for your trophy case.

Step One – Take a risk and ask the girl out. Not every girl is going to say yes. That’s not a big deal. Not every girl is going to find you attractive, just as you don’t find every girl that is out there to your liking. Percentage-wise, you’ll find there are a significant number of good girls who will say yes to you so don’t let it bother you when you get a no.

Step Two – Of the girls who do say no, there are a number of them that you can develop friendships with over time and after enough time has elapsed have built a sufficient friendship to where you can get them to say yes to a date. These are for those girls who you just have to have in your trophy case.

Step Three – The first date you go on should be a dinner date. Pick her up at the door and bring her flowers. Open all doors for her, help her get seated in the restaurant, and be kind and generous to the wait staff even if they are not taking care of the both of you the way you think they should.

Step Four – Be a brilliant conversationalist. By this I mean let her do most of the talking. You ask her questions about herself and let her answer while you sit there and gaze into her eyes. When she asks you a question about you, answer it briefly and then return the attention back to her. At the end of the date she’ll feel like she enjoyed herself completely.

Step Five – Be prepared for conversational landmines. Every girl wants to feel safe and secure with the guy they are with and so they have a list of screen questions so they can find out if you are indeed worthy of their time and attention. Every girl’s list is different, but the categories of questions can be distilled down to four basic categories:

• Historical details about past relationships
• Thoughts and feelings about money
• Family background
• Person problems

When woman ask these kinds of questions, they are looking for relationship red flags, and if you prepare properly you can navigate the conversation without stepping on one of the land mines.

Step Six – Watch for the positive signals. When a girl starts playing with her hair, touching you during conversation or saying things like “I feel very safe with you” then you know you are making progress. Don’t let your guard down; it is possible to go backwards in this process, so keep your wits about you.

Step Seven – When the time is right, kiss her gently. Most good girls will not kiss on a first date, so unless the girl is pushing things that way, don’t even go there. The kiss should be about two to three seconds long and then you pull away. Then you wait for her to go back in for a second kiss. If she does that, then she is probably ready to begin making out.

Step Eight – Take it slow. This is the foreplay. It’s got the word “play” in it because it’s supposed to be fun, so play for a long time. Build up her passions. Don’t rush things, because the minute you start to push things too fast, it’s over. She’ll be out of the mood and no amount of begging will win her back. AND you probably won’t get another date with her either. If she wants things to move faster than they are, trust me, she’s got ways of letting you know that you won’t be able to miss.

Step Nine – If you’ve done everything right up to this point, then you are both naked and ready to do the deed. Please guys either bring protection or plan on just letting her give you a hand job with you reciprocating. As bad as she wants it at that point, it’s not fair for you to put her at risk for an unwanted pregnancy or STDs. Either way, it’s exhilarating to have a sexual experience with a girl who doesn’t put out for just any guy and has her passions ignited to the point where you both want hot steamy sex. If you’ve taken care of her needs, this won’t be the last time you’re together.

Step Ten – After making love, lay with her, stroke her hair and her skin, tell her how beautiful she is, and tell her that was the most amazing sexual experience you’ve ever had. She’ll definitely be coming back for more.

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