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Blackberry 8800 entering market from February

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Research in Motion is going to release a new idol. We are talking about the Blackberry 8800, the follower of the successful Pearl. Rumours about its launching announce Blackberry 8800 will be available very soon, starting from February. The new RIM mobile will have the usual QWERTY keyboard, a trackball and Wi-Fi connectivity. Very slim and very stylish, the new 8800 could be a good successor for Pearl.

Some Blackberry 8800 Specs:

•Quad-Band: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz GSM;
•Phone and SMS;
•Corporate Data Access;
GPRS, EDGE and Wi-Fi;
•BlackBerry Maps;
•Trackball, ESC and Menu keys;
•Integrated earpiece and microphone;
•Bluetooth v2.0; headset, hands-free and serial port profiles supported;
•Polyphonic, MP3 & MIDI ringtones, vibrate, on-screen or LED indicator;
•Embedded RIM wireless modem;
•Ultra Thin
•Full QWERTY keypad
•Large 320 x 240 screen
•Full multimedia feature set
•Possible on some versions of the 8800 (Camera - 1.3 mp, 5x digital zoom, flash and maybe even video recording)
•Media Player for audio and video playback (Built-in streaming)
•64 MB Flash, expandable memory (Micro SD)

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