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SanDisk Sansa Wireless Internet MP3 Player

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SanDisk, the second largest seller of MP3 players in the United States, introduced the new Sansa Connect WiFi Enabled mp3 player at today's CES show.

The MP3 is WiFi enabled to allow consumers to enjoy music and recommend music from almost anywhere. Users can "un-tether" themselves from their PCs by using the MP3 player's wireless capabilities to download music and photos from wireless hot spots.The Sansa Connect WiFi MP3 player allows you to contact to a wide range of music through subscription services and streaming internet radio, without having to connect to a PC. It is specially designed to work with premium internet services, and can recommend music and photos with the click of a button and a live internet connection.The Sansa Connect player is works seamlessly with popular music formats, including MP3 and Windows Media Audio (WMA) in both unprotected and protected files. The device also uses an open digital rights management system that allows users to purchase songs or access subscription download services. It will support Microsoft PlaysForSure subscription music and is designed to work with Microsoft Vista when it ships.

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