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PC Sales Skyrocket Following the Release of Windows Vista

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The Windows Vista Wow has fueled a growth of 173% in PC sales. According to data made available by research firm Current Analysis, Windows Vista has been the source of a 67% sales spike compared with the similar period of 2006. Before commercial availability, Windows Vista accounted for a share of 0.18% of the operating system's market. But at this rate Vista is bound to increase its audience.

A Microsoft representative has commented that the Redmond Company is very pleased with the initial response to Windows Vista. And the 173% PC sales spur in the first days of Vista availability is illustrative of the success of Microsoft's latest operating system. Current Analysis has covered PC sales for the week ended on February 3, 2007.

The research firm has revealed that machines preloaded with more expensive versions of Windows Vista have experienced a higher demand. In this regard, Windows Vista Home Premium has been enjoying the best market performance. Current Analysis informed that more than 70% of PC unit sales in the US retail market have been machines preloaded with Vista Home Premium. By comparison, only 22% of customers have shown an interest into PCs installed with Home Basic.

Current Analysis study indicates that customers have overlooked the price difference between Vista Basic and Vista Home Premium, and have opted for the most expensive edition. Current Analysis also pointed out that HP has been the most aggressive OEM since Vista was introduced to the general audience.

As of yet, Microsoft has not chosen to make any additional comments in relation to the market performance of Windows Vista.

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