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Chat Log Between Me and Steven Johal

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Hi guys i was chatting with my yahoo friend Steven Johal about internet speeds in India and in Foreign (to be specific California) and I found it very interesting, So check it out :-

steevjohal: http://digg.com/videos_comedy/Top_5_Mythbusters_Segments
steevjohal: He has blogspot blog.
steevjohal: Look how many diggs!
Aadi: whats is this ?
steevjohal: Read it.
Aadi: okie
Aadi: wait
Aadi: net is slow
Aadi: 64 kbps
Aadi: urs?
steevjohal: Haha, at College I get like 7,000kbps
Aadi: i get 8 kbps download speed
Aadi: 64 kBps
steevjohal: I get around 1megabyte a second download speed.
Aadi: lol
Aadi: my bro in california gets 4 mbps
steevjohal: At home its shit, because I borrow from a neighbor.
steevjohal: Why don't you come to California too?
Aadi: my cousin
Aadi: hehe and Computer Engineer in ther
Aadi: i get 4 mbps only in my LAN
Aadi: no where else :(
Aadi: how much u pay for ur internet?
steevjohal: I get it from the neighbor.
steevjohal: And I get it from school.
steevjohal: All free.
Aadi: we are not allowed to use internet in college
steevjohal: Cousin pays $42/month =1890RS
Aadi: Oh my god!!
Aadi: very cheap
steevjohal: I use internet in the library.
steevjohal: Library of college.
Aadi: we have to pay 1000 bucks for getting 512 kbps speed
steevjohal: My cousin gets approximately 1500kbps.
steevjohal: 1000RS you mean?
Aadi: 512 = 60 kbps
steevjohal: Kilo bits per second is different then Kilo bytes a second.
Aadi: i know
steevjohal: kbps and KB/s
Aadi: i know
steevjohal: You pay 1000RS per month?
steevjohal: for 60kbps?
steevjohal: Thats like dial up.
Aadi: I pay 600 rs
Aadi: for 64 kbps
Aadi: its broadband in india dude
steevjohal: I get that speed on my blackberry I think.

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