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Mozilla Firefox Turns Minefield (v 3.0a1)

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Future Firefox development will include version 3.0. Development on version 3.0, which will be based on Gecko 1.9, occurs simultaneously on the Mozilla trunk. Versions of Firefox 1.5 and on will have a staggered auto-update, which is the reason why users of Fx 1.5 were not automatically updated to Fx 2.0. When support for Fx 1.5 ends, users will be automatically updated to the newest version. This staggered release schedule eases the load on servers and mirrors as well as allowing development to slowly saturate users. This in turn also allows for an easier way to find and fix bugs. This is the technical Explanation I have got about Mozilla Firefox 3.0 (codename Minefield) as I am a Beta Tester.
Anyways Take my words Minefield rocks it is far more superior to Firefox 2.0 or any earlier version.According to me Minefield will bring a change in the browsing world.The icon of Firefox is totally changed I have taken a pic so that i can show it to you'll. As it is Minefield is in its Beta version and out only for Beta Testers till now I cant put it for you all to download.As soon as it will be officially release I'll let you'll know.
Here are few Pics I have taken to show you'll how it looks:
It is the Icon Of Minefield looks interesting isnt it?

Here is the Outlook of Minefield enjoy !

Great news. I am not a professional or knowledgable chap. But can you suggest how I could run the Minefield along with Firefox 2 as i am keen to see it working?

Thanks a lot


thanks for the comment dude

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