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Some Differences Between Bluetooth And Infrared

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If you are not sure about Bluetooth and what it is, perhaps we can enlighten you a bit. To be sure, it has nothing to do with being unhappy with the market your dentist did when he last cleaned your teeth.

What Bluetooth is is a terrific piece of technical knowledge that helps to bring with it the promise of freedom from cables along with the simplicity in networking that has yet to be matched by LAN. It can and is used in a variety of electronic devices, the most familiar to most people being the cellular phone. For more information on audio devices, please go to http://www.foraudio.com.

Unlike infrared technology, Bluetooth isn't a line of sight method and it provides ranges of up to 300 plus feet. It uses very low power which means it is ideal for integration into tiny battery powered devices. To put it short, the applications with Bluetooth are virtually endless.

In the essential and profitable marketplace of wireless and handheld devices, the closest competitor to Bluetooth is infrared. Infrared holds many key interesting features, although the line of sight it provides doesn't go through walls or through obstacles like that of the Bluetooth technical knowledge. Therefore, it's application in the workplace are limited.

However, the greater range and radio frequency (RF) of Bluetooth make it much suseptible to interception and attack. For this very reason, infrared has yet to be dispensed with completely and is considered by many to be the complimentary technical skill to that of Bluetooth. And the main reason for that is that infrared has inherent security isssues due to its line of sight. Another major differentiation between infrared and Bluetooth is in the data rates. Infrared can have data rates of up to 4 MBps, which provides very fast rates for data transfer, while Bluetooth only offers 1 MBps. Although there are a few disadvantages, Bluetooth still remains the best for short range wireless technical skill.

Is Bluetooth difficult for a non-technical types? Not really. Once you have been around Bluetooth for a while, you'll find yourself right at home with the use and application of the technical know-how. All you need to do is play around with it, and read books or manuals whenever you get the chance. In no time at all you'll be a professional in the vast world of Bluetooth wireless.

Bluetooth currently has hundreds of devices, making it the best wireless solution in the world. With additional devices comingout daily, you can bet that Bluetooth will be around for a very long period of time.

Bluetooth has several positive features and one would be completely hard pressed to find downsides when given the current competition. The only real downsides are the data rate and security, but if those things are not urgent to you in your application, it's difficult to beat.

and infrared will be obsolete soon..

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