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Facts & Myths About Search Engine Optimization

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When considering utilizing search engine optimization methods to help improve your website's overall ranking in search engines, here are some "facts" and "myths" about SEO:

Fact: Google, Yahoo and MSN are considered the "Big 3" when it comes to search engines.

Yes, it's true. In fact, just over 95% of all Internet searches are conducted using either Google, Yahoo and MSN. This leaves less than 5% percent for all of the other search engines combined.

Myth: There are 1,000 search engines on the Internet.

Nope. Not true. If you see an advertisement saying "we'll submit your site to 1,000 search engines", then they probably also want to sell you a bridge in Brooklyn. Actually, there are only 40 or so true search engines. The rest of them are actually using search engine results from Google, Yahoo, MSN or a combination of all three.

Fact: Search Engine Optimization is not a "one-and-done" process.

Good SEO is an on-going progress. You have to do so many things - and do them right - to get ranked at the top of search engines. Then, once you have earned those high rankings, you have to work twice as hard to keep your site there. Afterall, when you moved into the top spots, you've bumped someone. Rest assured, they are going to start working harder to regain that spot.

Myth: You can trick search engines.

Go ahead and try. And, when you get caught, your website will be banned from search engines. There are all kinds of tricks search engine optimization consultants try and, yes, you might get ranked No. 1 in Google for your "black hat" efforts. But, when you get caught - and you will - your site will be doomed for a long time.

Fact: Search engines love fresh content.

Definitely. Just like people, search engine spiders (also called "robots") will come back to your site often when you write and publish fresh content.

Myth: Search engines don't look at Meta Tags anymore.

Wrong. Search engines do look at Meta Tags. Typically, they don't put much faith in what you've written there as the gospel, but they'll come back and look more at your site content to verify what keywords you're concentrating on.

Fact: Links will help get your site ranked higher.

True. However, create "backlinks" with sites that have a Google Page Rank of 5 or better. Avoid link farms. Don't pay for links and, if you can help it, don't trade links with everyone on the web.

Myth: The more links you have the better.

Wrong. Be selective. Get good quality sites to publish a link to your site. Don't pay to be listed in directories (with the exception being in Yahoo Directory). Avoid link farms (these are sites that are just a bunch of links).

Fact: A Sitemap is a good thing to have.

True. While a Sitemap, especially a Google Sitemap, will not guarantee a higher ranking in Google, it will help you make sure that all of the pages in your site are being crawled by Google.

Myth: Pay-Per-Click is not worth it.

False. If your website is not listed high in organic search engine results, then you should consider a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign. Yes, some click fraud does exist, but if you opened a retail store, you'll probably be a victim of shoplifting at some point. Instead, create a smart campaign and stick to a budget. Then, perhaps as your organic rankings improve, you may consider backing off the PPC campaign. Or, perhaps not!

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Thank you for sharing those info with us!

Search Engine Optimization should be considered during the planning of any web site. And the best time for implementing good SEO is during the initial design stage.

There are companies online that outsource webmaster service that could sure help other people who are thinking of setting up their own business web sites.

I hope this helps!

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