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Five New WM6 Handhelds from i-mate

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I don't know about you but this photo gives me high hopes and a lot of time to think about why i-mate hasn't thought of applying this design line in their handsets. I know they are just renderings and not the real thing but they really look as sweet and beautiful as a handheld can be.

This new series i-mate is going to launch very soon on the mobile market known as the “Ultimate”, a line-up of handsets with pretty much the same spec sheet but with different designs that, hopefully, will satisfy every user’s opinion on how a cellphone should look.

Beginning with the top left one, these are the culprits: the 5150, the 6150, the 7150, the 9150 and the 8150. They will feature the new Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 operating system, will have tri-band 3G radios, Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity and FM radio tuners.

The 5150 already has a leaked photo on his resume (the one you can see on the left) and is the only one with a more detailed spec sheet available. It has an Intel Bulverde 520 MHz processor, quad-band GSM/EDGE, tri-band UMTS/HSPDA, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/e/i WLAN (according to some sources), 256 MB ROM and 128 MB RAM memory, microSD memory expansion card slot, a 262k colors VGA LCD touchscreen display, miniUSB and Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity, direct XGA video out, a 2 megapixel digital camera and an FM radio, all running smoothly on a Windows Mobile 6 OS.

The 6150 is 15.7 mm thick and adds in a 2.8 inch display, the Ultimate 7150 PC Tablet features a 3.8 inch internal screen, a 2.2 inch external OLED one and measures 18 mm in thickness.

The last two in the Ultimate line-up are the 8150 and the 9150, two handsets that both have a 2.6 inch display and a spec sheet still remaining a mystery(until an official launch that is).

The final word is this: whatever i-mate is doing right now and whatever they work on, they should leave it aside for just one moment and get those pretty looking things on the stores' shelves please.

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