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Genius G-Note 7100 Digital Pad

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We've all been in a situation where we needed to jot something important down and couldn't find anything. Also it's not that we all have a Tablet PC wherever we go to take digital notes, and the problem with the old pen-and-paper-style notetaking is that you have to spend unnecessary time going through what you've written later.

The new G-Note 7100 from Genius seems to be the solution. Its a digital tablet that stores up to 100 pages of notes written with pens that have been provided with the tablet.

However, unlike similar devices such as the Aiptek MyNote, Cross Crosspads, or Logitech iO series of pens, which require a special surface or paper, this one lets you write on standard, everyday legal pads. With a resolution of 2,000 LPI, 32MB of on-board memory, USB connectivity with XP and Vista PC's as well as bundled handwriting recognition software, this one is more likely already on many people's wish list.

With it just being released, the 7100 can be bought for $160 (we don't know if it has been released in India yet), which is about 7200. The package also includes batteries, backup pen tips, a starter notepad, USB cable, and a possibly-leather portfolio.

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