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My Fastest 50 Frags in Counter-Strike

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Hi guys I play Counter-Strike (non-steam) 1.6 on LAN (Local Area Network) for past 1 year and its kind of my favourite game I am now addicted to it.I cant live without playing the game Counter-Stike(CS).I played it even on my SSC Exams.Recently I was playing with other people on LAN and I rocked i was leading the score board and I made the fastest 50 Frags of my CS career i.e 50-10 (50 - frags , 10- number of death) isnt it amazing. Check this pic out for my scores on that day.

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  • I'm Aadi
  • From Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • I am a cool guy, a web-publisher trying to make some money from internet. Computer and internet - can't live without it. I love to help others, especially if work is related to computers and internet.
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