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Games2win Announces 'Temple of 7'

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Games2win India has announced the launch of 'Temple of 7'.

'Temple of 7' or T7, said to be the first of its kind talent platform for gamers, is a team of professional gamers, exclusively signed up by Games2win in order to compete in all key gaming tournaments in India and abroad, and compete against some of the best teams nationally and internationally.

Alok Kejriwal, CEO and Founder, Games2win.com, says,
"There are talent platforms for all kinds of professionals in India, and given the momentum that gaming is picking up, we believe that the time is right to create a gaming talent platform. Our mission is to make gaming a great profession that gamers, their parents, and society will recognize."

Kejriwal added,
"Indian youngsters who are passionate about gaming need to have their expertise and energy channelized into the right direction, and T7 will do just that. We will provide training, equipment, travel, and boarding for tournaments, and also make sure that our gamers are well represented to corporates for the purpose of sponsorship and endorsement."

T7 has identified two most popular games played in the country, 'Counter Strike' and 'Need for Speed' and the members of T7 team are known as experts at these games.

The T7 gaming clan has Mikhail Mehra, Ben Verghase, Amar Ratnam, Ritesh Shah, and Hasnain Sayed for 'Counter Strike', and Dhruv Mody and Arun Singh Ravi for 'Need For Speed'. Besides, the company says it is constantly enlisting new members in the team.

T7 Need for Speed champion, Dhruv Mody, said,
"Unlike other companies who force gamers to play games they don't want, T7 lets us play the games we want to, this venture is an ideal platform for top gamers across the country, and I am sure T7 will be very popular with gamers across the country."

T7 members sport special gaming gear and T-shirts with logos around Gothic Rock that have an underground look and feel - that have a great youth connect.

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