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Use Toothpaste to Clean Compact Discs

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Several time this happens that your CD's get scratched and as a result u cannot hear ur MP3 disc or Play ur Game CD's or whatever.You may not need to buy anything to fix that scratched Game CD , MP3 CD or computer rom disk. If the disk isn't too messed up, you can fix it with Toothpaste. Use a pasty white toothpaste for best results (such as Colgate baking soda). Just plop a small amount on the disk, and spread it all over disk, moving around the disk in a circular motion, like your fingers are spinning arund the disk. Don't rub too hard though. And don't rub in the middle of the disk. When your finshed rubbing, rinse the toothpaste off and dry the disk with something soft and lent free.

I was really Shocked when I first heard about this so, I tried it on a Game CD that was messed up but I didn't care much about it. It really worked better. I was so glad because I had just bought Brain Lara Cricket 2005 and then about a week later it stopped working because one of my brothers scratched it accidently. I rubbed the toothpaste on it about three different times and it started working like new again. Now try the toothpaste treatment for all scratchy or skippy Cds and MP3's.

I don't use cds except windows xp cd
Everything is available on net.
By the way
I use my pants and shirts to clean disks.


yea i used it for my Saints Row disk for my xbox 360 and now it works perfectly i love it since i dont have to go buy another copy.

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