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Clickbooth Owning The Affiliate Market

Text Link Ads

Clickbooth is an affliate program. Clickbooth ads are CPA.
CPA = Cost Per Action.

All you need is a website/blog/wordpress-site/tripod-site or any other free or paid site.

Your site must be getting at least 1000 page views per month.

When your site is reviewed and approved by Clickbooth team (Which takes 1-2 days, and they will personally give you a phone call to ask some questions about your website, like how you get traffic and your personal data)

After you are approved, select out of 100s of ads, which ads you want to show in your website.
You need to join as a publisher.

Make sure the ad you select is of your visitor's interest.

Make sure the ad you select does not require people to spend money.
Most ads will pay you like 1-5$ per signup, which don't require visitor to spend any money at all.

If you are interested in clickbooth and willing to work to make good amount of money.

You can join Clickbooth here : Click Here

Any queries feel free to contact me.

By the way, I got paid once from clickbooth.

Hey Hi Aditya,

I'm Haroon and i have clickbooth's payment proof on my blog and more info abt clickbooth.

I hope u will take a look at it.


Sorry i didn't posted the link



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